No-one really listens seriously to Grannie:

• “That’s garbage! She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”
• “No-one listens to old people anymore.”
• “Those ideas are so old-fashioned!”
• “They’re living in the dark ages.”

There’s plenty of evidence to support those comments, right? Wrong! At least not according to a new organization aiming to use plenty of wisdom in the guise of a funny grandma to tackle social issues sometimes sliding in sideways if needed to make a statement.

And while some may see the platform as simply a system to offer advice on any and all issues relating to dating, sex, family relationships, etiquette, pet ownership and money smarts, the husband and wife team behind TheFunnyGrandma find the concept a realistic and rewarding method to tackle issues in a caring and humorous way.

Grandma is based on a number of real people, all of whom have stories to tell in ways that get her points across. She is able to tackle the real everyday issues in life with honesty, integrity, commitment and courage. She’s met life’s challenges face-on and appreciates how others can learn from her through humor and plain old-fashioned caring.

She may have old-fashioned values but she’s a ‘with-it’ chick and as she says, “she knows what works”!

Whether in the kitchen, in the garden, helping out at school, tending to her pets or travelling the world, she’s not afraid to guide others and isn’t bashful in saying so.

Sensitive issues are tackled with grace and good humor. Her advice is followed by the children and adults alike and incorporate the best ways to get a job done. She supports today’s generation with happy and healthy solutions while incorporating a Grandma’s warm and loving approach to life.

TheFunnyGrandma is a concept about a happy old woman having a lot of experience and wisdom at this point in her life which she can, and does offer to others.

She is based on a number of characters, all real, whether living or dead who knew what worked when baffled by technology, custom, etiquette or just life.

The creators of thought her insight would be enjoyed by those seeking her advice or just reading her site.